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About Us

BMYSO is dedicated to providing children through young adult college students with musical experience and benefits/rewards that will last a lifetime. The programs instill cooperation, discipline and patience, developing young musicians into appreciative listeners and participants.

Our mission is to provide young dedicated musicians the opportunity to develop advanced ensemble and performance skills that will enable them to grow to their fullest potential as musicians and performers, and in doing so enrich the community through the art of music performance.

We will model excellence in our interactions with students, families, the community, and each other by exemplifying these core values: dedication, professionalism, sensitivity, inclusiveness, passion, respect, and communication.


String students will play a one octave scale (beginner players) or a two octave scale (intermediate players) or a three octave scale (advanced players) and a solo piece of their choice for the directors. Orchestra level placement is determined by skill level, not age. Wind players will play a two octave scale and solo piece of their choice.


Tuition fees are $150 per year. Scholarships are available, please ask for an application if needed.