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Board of Directors

The Bismarck-Mandan Orchestral Association, a non-profit/tax exempt corporation, sponsors the Bismarck-Mandan Symphony Orchestra. The Symphony Board is comprised of persons from all areas of the community and includes two voting representatives from the orchestra.

Blaine Johnson
Crowley Fleck

David Borlaug
Vice President
Hang with Marci & David

Mike Gardner
Executive Director - BMSO

Lori Finken
Community Member

Dr. Beverly Everett
Board Member
Conductor & Music Director - BMSO

Rhett Paul
Board Member
Sanford Health

Jane Morrow
Board Member
Community Member

Dr. John Darling
Board Member
Bismarck State College

Diane Fladeland
Board Member
University of Mary

Bethany Andrist
Board Member 
GA Group

Rachel Sinness
BMSO Representative
ND Protection & Advocacy

Melissa Nygard
BMSO Representative
Community member