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COVID-19 Response and Mitigation Efforts

It has been an offseason, and now season, like no other, to say the least. One thing that hasn’t changed is our passion to bring you amazing orchestral music, and your passion to enjoy it. As we proceed with the season, we have made some changes in order to best fulfill both of these passions. The biggest change is that we will perform each concert twice, once as usual on Saturday, and also on Friday. We will also be live streaming the concert to ticket holders should they choose not to attend in person. If you are a season ticket holder and need more information, email us here or call the office.
For our wonderful and talented musicians, we have made some changes. It will be a smaller group, so they can distance on stage. They will all be wearing masks, unless they are blowing into an instrument. We did provide bell covers for those instruments to act as "masks."
For those that attend either concert in person, you may not be able to sit in your normal assigned seat, as we will be social distancing attendees. We will do our best, but the safety of our musicians, employees, and patrons is extremely important to us, and we may assign you new seats. In any case, bring your ticket, it will get you in the door, even if you have to move seats! If you have been assigned new seats for your preferred evening, we will let you know in advance. We will also have volunteers available to remind you of your new seats, and help you find them. You will also have the option to live stream the concert.  
For those attending in person, know that in addition to social distancing the audience, we will also be attempting to stagger arrival times. We will also be requiring masks anytime you are inside the Belle, in accordance with not only our policy, but also local and state mandates. If you arrive without a mask, we will have some available. We will be providing hand sanitizing stations. We will have programs, they will remain untouched in the boxes they were shipped in, and you may take your own to avoid hand to hand contact.
There will be no pre concert chats. 
Please plan to arrive between 7:00 and 7:15. The performance will begin at 7:30 as usual. The performance will be about 90 minutes long and will include only a very brief intermission, 10 minutes max, in order to make some changes on stage. If you are able, please remain in your seat, or at least at your seat if you like to stand and stretch. If you do need to move about, please wear your mask. Following the performance, if you are not in a rush, please remain seated in order to stagger departure times.